Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Who are we?
A:  We are a small group of friends and associates who enjoy cycling. We are not a club, rather we are independent of any association and we welcome anyone to join us for rides and cafe stops!

Q:  How fast are our rides?
A:  Our rides average between 12mph – 15mph

Q:  Will I get left behind if I’m slow?
A:  Unlikely! It’s possible that if you’re new to cycling, you will struggle initially but we’re a nice bunch! We’ll tell you where there is a short cut option and we’ll always be clear what cafe we’re stopping at!

Q:  What distance do we ride?
A:  We generally ride between 25 – 30 miles with a mid-way cafe stop. You can choose to end your ride at anytime or simply end it after the cafe stop! We’ll always carry on for the second half but it’s optional

Rides are usually between 1.5 – 2 hours.

Q:  How many riders are there in your group?
A:  It depends on the weather! Some of us are a little more hardy than others. If there are more than 16 riders, we will split the group into 2 or more to keep harmony with all road users.

Q:  What if it’s windy and rainy, do you still ride?
A:  Some of us do! We have a WhatsApp messenger group so if it’s too horrible or even maybe a bit dangerous, we’ll communicate that in the messenger group. Maybe we’ll just meet at the cafe instead to get out of the house!

Q:  What kit should I wear?!
A:  We don’t have a club kit and never will  you can wear whatever you like, we’re independent 🙂

Q:  Am I too young or old?
A:  You can be as old as you like as long as you’re happy riding in a group, fairly competent on your bike and can put up with us! We do have a lower age restriction though of 16 for safety reasons.