Our history

Cycle Jersey was born out of feedback from people who love to ride their bikes but have busy lives and commitments, such that they cannot commit to a cycling club or group.

Many cyclists like to dip in and out of rides when it suits them.

We decided to try and form a new concept for a ride group, with more flexibility and a welcoming culture.

A group where people can we connected and brought together. An aggregation of other existing groups too. Perhaps you have a regular riding group but fancy a change of scenery and some new faces. Well come and join us, tell us about your other rides. Perhaps we’ll join you!

We’ve partnered with some other groups for this reason, such as the Big Verns Cycle Club, George and his early bird Cafe Jac ride and others.

We aim to make you aware of these groups and rides to help open up more possibilities, as well as having a couple of our own new rides per week.

Check out the ride schedule section for more and an example of how this concept works.

So in short, we currently don’t have a history!

We are a new group in 2018 and hopefully you will join us. Maybe you’ll become part of our history.